License Consultation

Ruirong provides professional process guidance, material composition, personnel training and other license consultation services, and enhances the clients in communicating with regulatory and third party in order to provide supports for qualification application or renewal such as third party payment license and letter of credit.
Business Type
Third party payment license (support Mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macau and overseas) Registration certificate of credit bureau Other financial licenses
Service Advantage
  • One stop, systematic, and comprehensive services.
  • Rich experience of serving the clients from Mainland of China, Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and other regions.
  • Extensive knowledge of the regulatory policy of different places to reduce the policy risk.
  • Connection with multiple third party certification agency to master its process.

“FINTECH+”Strategy Consulting

According to the experiences gained in providing services for various businesses in previous years, Ruirong provides the enterprise with solutions. Payment is the basic procedure in a business. Ruirong provides business data flow, clear user image and business image through payment methods. It also provides data support for business strategy in order to promote the growth and innovative of business, and train the professionals, which enhance the transformation of the enterprise.
The general problem facing the business
Various independent businesses form data island Lack of data support in enterprise development strategies and marketing strategies Slow business growth Lack of professionals Difficulties in innovative and transformation
Service Advantage
  • Establish research postgraduate schools with national famous universities, converge famous professionals and scholars.
  • Experienced in industry service, and collects a lots of enterprise consultation cases.
  • Develop professional training program for finance technology to provide new human resource for the business development.


1、Experienced in industry; understand and master the client business process in order to provide its solutions.

2、Established more than 10 years, high committed and effective.

3、Complete service systems which respond immediately to the client requirements on product, operation, customization and strategy plans.

Technical advantages

1、The platform is developed based on Java 2 Platform Enterprise Edition (J2EE). The platform supports the simplified and component-based development model. It composes one time and provides portability at anywhere.All the servers which complied the specification of J2EE also support the model.

2、The platform provides high development efficiency, high portability, good usability, easily to maintain, scalability, widely accepted, and protect investment.

3、Comprehensive product system fulfils the financial business requirement of the enterprise in different development stages.

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